The TB sprint … 12.4 TB/hour write speed

канализацияWe wanted to see what one of the current gen machines could do for writing and reading a 1TB (1000GB) sized file. So we set up a simple fio deck to do this. Then ran it. Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=999.78GB, aggrb=3535.7MB/s, minb=3620.6MB/s, maxb=3620.6MB/s, mint=289552msec, maxt=289552msec The write took 289.6 seconds. Less […]

Now thats what I’m talking about …

New JackRabbit JR5 in lab (actually a pair of them) being built for a customer. Running some real simple baseline tests. Very simple stuff. RAID6. dd. [root@jr5-1 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/data/big.file … 1250+0 records in 1250+0 records out 83886080000 bytes (84 GB) copied, 26.4774 seconds, 3.2 GB/s and a quicky-dirty fio run … Run status […]