Working on a few new things …

ok, some of these are riffs on our older things, but they are very exciting to everyone we speak with. Need a chassis mod for one of them. The other is … well … an extension of an earlier idea. Been doing some testing with it, and its working out far better than I had […]

OT: been very busy …

Good version of busy; lots of quotes, orders, builds, …. A new market has emerged for us, one I wasn’t sure how to break into, that looks like it is going to do good things for us. Entrenched expensive and slow competitor, everyone looking for better systems. Should be interesting coupla months. I hope I […]

OT: Just played with Google Docs …

Wow … uploaded a presentation I was working on for a customer and it worked well. Rendered everything correctly (OpenOffice doesn’t always do that). Anyone else using Google Docs on a more or less professional/constant basis? Any outage issues? Compatibility issues? I like OpenOffice, but its occasional glitches and … er … interpretive re-renderings of […]

… and Sandisk swallows Pliant …

This is interesting. SANdisk now has an enterprise play. Flash is getting more interesting. Basically creating the same sort of sea change in storage that GPUs created in computing. Viewed 18101 times by 4176 viewers

Updated JackRabbit JR5 results

Lab machine, updated RAID system (to our current shipping specs). We’ve got a 10GbE and an IB DDR card in there for some end user lab tests over the next 2 weeks. We just finished rebuilding the RAID unit, and I wanted a baseline measurement. So a fast write then read (uncached of course). [root@jr5-lab […]

IT storage

They see a shiny new storage chassis with 6G backplane. They fill it with “fast” drives, and build “raids” using integrated RAID platforms. They insist it should be fast, showing calculations that suggest that it should sustain near theoretical max performance on IO. Yet, the reality is that its 1/10th to 1/20th the theoretical max […]


A system designed to fail often will. Seen this a few times this past week. In one case, someone agrees that we we do and our machines have value, but want our stuff without paying us for our stuff. They don’t want to buy them. They just want us to tell them how to build […]