OT: Just played with Google Docs …

Wow … uploaded a presentation I was working on for a customer and it worked well. Rendered everything correctly (OpenOffice doesn’t always do that).
Anyone else using Google Docs on a more or less professional/constant basis? Any outage issues? Compatibility issues?
I like OpenOffice, but its occasional glitches and … er … interpretive re-renderings of Powerpoints are … er … amusing.
The downside to Google docs are storage offsite, privacy/security issues, and access in the event of a network outage. I am sure there are systems to deal with all of these. Going to research this.
But … wow! from the last time I looked (2 years ago or so), till now, what a change!

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  1. We use Google Docs regularly. I find them most useful for creating docs to be shared internally and/or externally, but not necessarily to be printed. Last time I tried to download a Google Doc to Word for more detailed formatting, etc., I had to retype the whole thing. But that was more than a year ago. Google spreadsheets are fine — except you can’t upload one with more than 1k lines.
    I create most docs on Google. It’s replaced our TWiki for me, more than it’s replaced Office.
    I still use Word when I have to do revision editing on shared docs for legal or contractual purposes — where OpenOffice (at least the versions I’ve used up to now) doesn’t work. And I still use Excel for large spreadsheets (a recent one had >100k points I needed to process and scatter-plot). The jury’s still out on presentations. I’d probably still use PowerPoint.
    Google Docs is successful at making the simple things easy, but not so good at making the difficult things possible. And I really miss some GUI features, like multiple discontinuous selection.

  2. We use it quite a bit. I have a contact who uses Word 97 and it can’t read the text docs from GD, or at least it couldnt a couple of years ago. It has a mini-Visio/Paint module, too. I did a network diagram for a PCI Assessment on it, just using rectangles as shapes, pretty much.
    But yes, I wonder how many Google employees have access to my docs?

  3. What I’ve found with PPTOO interop is that drawings just don’t work, but many other things do. Don’t be surprised if what you’ve carefully arranged on one platform renders differently on another, though. Different font installations may have different font metrics, and that wrecks havoc on rendering. PPT (& all of them) are not publishing platforms. Use a DTP program for that (e.g. scribus).

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