OT: Fun week ahead

This is a personal bit.
I am going up for belt promotion in Karate this Thursday. Huge risk saying something in advance in case I don’t make it. I am not worried about most of it. The fighting portion, yeah, a bit. I’m fine in sparring bouts, but this promises to be at least 7 fresh opponents, one after the other, with no rest for me. 2 minutes each opponent, and they run them from low to higher rank (the opponents get tougher at the end). Gonna have to make sure the cardio is up for it.
Hopefully won’t break anything else. Have two injured rotator cuffs, one on each shoulder. One side hurts more than the other. So come Friday, after all that punching, I’m gonna be one sore puppy. And of course, I’ve got a tournament Saturday in Flint.
Gotta be a glutton for punishment. But really, this is lots of fun, so please don’t read the title as being sarcastic, I really am looking forward to it. And the folks who make Ibuprofen might just get a large increase in sales very soon :O
[update] The 9th-dan who is to officiate over this won’t be available for two weeks, so it got pushed off. Thats ok. I probably need the practice and time to heal the shoulders 🙂 Plus it lets me compete at the same level in our circuit, which I seem to be leading scoring in forms and weapons (old farts under novice). Interesting that our tournament from 1 month ago’s results are not up yet, but I did take first in both of those (forms and weapons).