How to channel bond in Linux

Partner wants a 4 way bond on their unit. No problem. [root@jr4-1 ~]# /opt/scalable/sbin/ –bond=bond0 –eth=eth0,eth1,eth2,eth3 –ip= –netmask= –mode=0 –write v0.9 Create channel bonds easily by Joe Landman ( This software is Copyright (c) 2005-2007 by Scalable Informatics and licensed under GPL v2.0 only. You may freely distribute this software under the terms and […]

Disappointed, but, I guess, not surprised

Several years ago, we had an academic customer literally steal our time, our effort, our design, etc. for their system. The signals were there, and we didn’t pay attention to them. Something like that happened again, though this time we recognized it. Customer still is operating off the assumption that they got something for nothing, […]

Why do companies erect unneeded barriers?

This is about the business side, and AMEX in particular. A customer bought something. Paid for it on AMEX. We use Authorize.Net, as do many people. It handles the card processing for us. Makes our life easy. But it doesn’t do AMEX directly, AMEX does AMEX. And they don’t play well with Authorize.Net. So now […]

What are xfs’s real limits?

Over at Enterprise Storage Forum, Henry Newman and Jeff Layton started a conversation that needs to be shared. This is a very good article. In it, they reproduced a table comparing file systems coming from this page at Redhat. This is really showing a comparison of what the “limits” are in a theoretical or practical […]