Transformers … shot in Michigan

This was nice.
The original movie in the series was shot downtown Detroit. Or at least the scenes towards the end (when they are duking it out in the city). It was funny to see the old railroad terminal building being used as a chase scene. FWIW, that building would make one helluva nice data center. Just needs to be cleaned up, with lots of AC/power added. Right next to a rail-road right of way. Too bad raising money to build stuff in this town is only slightly less than utterly impossible. My thoughts for air/water cooled, very green data centers on the west side of the state, right near Lake Michigan, wouldn’t fly either, also due to lack of capital. Considering thats where the market is going … ah … well … never mind. VC’s just want another facebook app, or iphone applet, or android game. Nothing physical.
But I digress.
The third installment of this series also had significant film shoots in the local area (no, I didn’t get to see them). Quite cool.