Updated DeltaV benchmarks, and a limited time discount offer

Somewhat better tuning on this unit now. This is getting … interesting. Very interesting.
As a reminder, the day job’s lower cost storage target, the DeltaV is designed specifically to be a lower end machine. It is fast, and as we saw on the last set of numbers, it is actually faster than competitors hardware RAID. DeltaV does the RAID bits in software.
So this is another (identical) unit to the one we tested before. Later stage of tuning and testing.
Streaming write then read, 128GB. Unit has 16GB ram total, no flash/SSD cache. This is streaming writes to disk, and reads from disk. Unit is set up for GlusterFS, but we are testing the native underlying file system (Gluster needs a fast system to perform well).

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
  WRITE: io=131010MB, aggrb=1333.6MB/s, minb=1365.6MB/s, maxb=1365.6MB/s, mint=98244msec, maxt=98244msec

Um .. yeah. Thats 1.3 GB/s streaming write of 128GB of data.
Now for the read.

 Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=131010MB, aggrb=2058.2MB/s, minb=2108.5MB/s, maxb=2108.5MB/s, mint=63628msec, maxt=63628msec

Um .. yeah. Thats 2.1 GB/s streaming read of 128GB of data.
In a software RAID. RAID6 to be specific. To and from 2x RAID6 volumes.
This is our tuned stack, our tuned kernel and drivers, and the current generation of DeltaV.
From a performance standpoint, this unit now seriously exceeds many of our competitors systems (including the “worlds fastest storage system” cough cough) at a fraction of the price.
It was quite competitive before this. Yeah, I’d say that its gonna be hard to justify other systems now.
Quickie discount: email the day job or get onto the day jobs’ website for a quote request (select it in the Category pull down), and request the “Scalability.org: discount” in the subject and they will give you 10 percent off the price of these units. Offer good until the end of June 2011, for credit card, prepaid, wire transfer orders. Offer valid for new siCluster orders as of 21-June-2011 as well.