Updated DeltaV in the lab

Should be a pretty good performance bump for the unit. Processor and memory bump. Newer backplane. Some other bits.
Will update soon. Really looking forward to the benchies 🙂
[Update 1] Very encouraging sign: RAID build is occurring at about 2x the rate of the previous generation. Should be done with 48TB RAID build in about 7 more hours. The comparison to the hardware accelerated RAID should be made as well. That build takes … oh … I dunno … 1.5 days?
[Update 2] streaming raw write numbers are north of 1 GB/s with our tuned RAID stack. Streaming raw read numbers are north of 1.2 GB/s. Will get some fio numbers soon.
[Update 3] Note to self. Running dd to get streaming read and write numbers is fine. As long as you don’t, say, overwrite the OS drives. Also remember Landman’s law of testing gear … no test should be contimplated that may destroy data before consuming the second cup of coffee in the morning. I’ll let you guess what brilliant thing I did. No … really …
[Update 4] Quick streaming benchies:

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
  WRITE: io=32737MB, aggrb=1084.6MB/s, minb=1110.3MB/s, maxb=1110.3MB/s, mint=30200msec, maxt=30200msec

This is 1.1 GB/s write, for a software RAID unit. Then there’s the read.

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=32737MB, aggrb=1356.2MB/s, minb=1388.7MB/s, maxb=1388.7MB/s, mint=24140msec, maxt=24140msec

Yeah, this is 1.4 GB/s read.
In both cases the file is 2x RAM size. Now comes the burn-in read/write. Then after that I can do more benchies.
But, what we are seeing is an about 30% increase in write speed, and about a 50% increase in read speed, over last years units. This unit has gone from on-par with competitors hardware RAID, to faster.
This is nice 🙂