Why do companies erect unneeded barriers?

This is about the business side, and AMEX in particular. A customer bought something. Paid for it on AMEX.
We use Authorize.Net, as do many people. It handles the card processing for us. Makes our life easy.
But it doesn’t do AMEX directly, AMEX does AMEX.
And they don’t play well with Authorize.Net.
So now we are in the position of having to decline this AMEX transaction, and remove AMEX from our accepted card list, because AMEX is more interested in wasting my time and erecting barriers to doing business, than actually doing business.
And this is good …. why?
Displeased with them. Will keep using my card, but we won’t accept it anymore due to their issues. My time is very valuable, and if you are going to spend it, you’d better pay me well for doing so.

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