Giddy …

икониBenchies soon. Real soon. Should be a screamer … if we designed/built it right. Viewed 55430 times by 7702 viewers

HPC in the cloud and cluster distributions

Many things are moving to cloud hosting … I won’t comment on being right or wrong about their moving … and HPC is one of them. This means that cluster distributions are going to follow … or could follow to some degree. Some cluster distributions focus upon packaging, some focus upon flexibility, some focus upon […]

Many reasons for not posting in the last two weeks

None of them bad. Too much work to get through (yes, that does mean new/existing orders). A vacation (long overdue, and yes, I was working though it as well). Back now … will be catching up soon with a set of posts in the next few days. Viewed 56208 times by 7642 viewers

Color me amused …

Every now and then recruiters call me. Want to see if I want the glamour of some new position somewhere. I run a very nice little, and growing company. I own a substantial fraction of this company. Our revenues are far more than the recruiter’s company is likely willing to pay. There are too many […]

Storm knocked out power for a while …

Detroit Edison worked on it and got our office power up in 24 hours. Our house (where this server is located) … not so happy. Didn’t come back on until afternoon today. That was fun. [update] … and all the updating I’ve done has managed to bork the views counter. So its gonna look like […]

Scanning backing store for a cluster file system

Working on solving an issue for a customer. Wrote a backing store scanning tool for the job. Its gathering all manner of information and computing md5 sums. Right now it is single threaded, and as I am watching it run, it seems like I am using about 1/2 of the IO bandwidth (2 scans going […]