Color me amused …

Every now and then recruiters call me. Want to see if I want the glamour of some new position somewhere.
I run a very nice little, and growing company. I own a substantial fraction of this company. Our revenues are far more than the recruiter’s company is likely willing to pay. There are too many digits in our revenues, before the decimal point, relative to any likely salary. I am working extremely hard at increasing the number of digits. Our customers are happily responding positively.
They way to solve this problem (for the recruiters) is to ignore us. Either that, or if you (the recruiters) really like us, then hire us to do the job for you (the recruiters company). Or buy us. Any of these are simple solutions to the problem.
I have nothing against recruiters. I have a great job and ownership in a great company building some of the fastest storage on the planet, and I work with wonderful people. Any offer coming in to try to pull me over has to take into account all these things. And many more.
Seriously. Not likely to leave the current work for an IC role in a group, at a salary an order of magnitude or more below what we are making now …

Quoting the comedian Dana Carvey, channeling Bush the first … not gonna do-it

4 thoughts on “Color me amused …”

  1. So you didnt accept less money than you have vested in your current company. Riveting stuff. Color me bored.

  2. @Manny
    Hey, it’s a blog… Not everything is going to be about high end storage. *I* certainly wouldn’t mind making an order of magnitude over my current salary. 🙂
    Sounds like maybe I should start a high performance storage business? 😉

  3. @Manny
    Need some sort of image of a keyboard with “talk to the keyboard” on it for the right tone 🙂
    Well, its a tough business. Lots of pretenders, and a few folks with good things. Couple that with a wide range of software stacks ranging between questionable to seriously good. Yeah … its fun.
    I did try responding privately, but got a bounce. Will forward through gmail later on.

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