Raw unapologetic firepower in a single machine … a new record

This is a 5U 108TB (0.1 PB) usable high performance tightly coupled storage unit we are shipping to a customer this week. This is a spinning rust machine. We’ve been busy little beavers. Tuning, tweaking. And tuning. And tweaking. Did I mention the tuning and tweaking? Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=196236MB, aggrb=4155.7MB/s, […]


A knob is something you can turn, in theory, to effect a change in output condition. In my business, I have a few knobs I can turn for customers to help them. We can be quite creative in this. We are often asked to help in cases where other companies would just start blinking rapidly. […]

Day job will have a booth at SC11 … Woot!

икони на светциWhats different about this one? Its ours, not space in someone else’s. Gives us more freedom, but also greater responsibility. One of the harder things to do is to figure out what to bring and show, and what to leave in the lab. Shipping stuff to the floor is expensive, time consuming, and […]

Day job adds a director of sales

Took us long enough, but fundamentally, you have to work on getting the right team together. Someone I’ve known and respected for quite some time became available. I’ve been saying for a while we need someone just like him. So I didn’t miss the opportunity. Looking forward to reaching more customers and partners with him […]

Is this really a good idea?

ikoniLooks like HP is looking at ditching its PCs. First off, they are definitely killing off WebOS and the whole Palm business. Ok … WebOS looked interesting. Now having an Android, and an iPhone (about to be retired, which the Android is replacing), I find it hard to put down the iPhone and get excited […]

A ‘cool’ xfs bug

No, really, bugs can be cool … Customer has a user with a proclivity towards writing large files. Sparse large files. Say a couple Petabytes or so. Single file. I kid you not. (filenames and paths changed) [root@jr4-2 ~]# ls -alF /data/brick-sdd2/dht/scratch/xyzpdq total 4652823496 d——— 2 1232 1000 86 Jun 27 20:31 ./ drwx—— 104 […]

… and Ubuntu 11.04 has an every so slightly broken root on iSCSI …

Православни икониUgh. See here. Got bit by this. BTW: The new internals of Tiburon are getting even more wild. This thing is turning into a very powerful system for booting large numbers of machines with (nearly) identical configs, very quickly (hmmm … can you say … cluster? Cloud? VMs? …. mwhahahaha!). Will be re-adapting our […]