… and the day job turned 9 …

… on Monday … Woo Hoo!!! What hasn’t killed us, has made us stronger … Or something like that.
More correctly, the company was born 1-August-2002. Growing since inception. About to grow some more. No venture backing.
During this time, we’ve worked on trying to convince people that accelerators would be important to HPC, back in 2004 time frame or so. Tried to raise capital, built business plans, got most of the details right. Just no capital.
We worked on a number of other things, including “utility” computing, where we drafted business models/plans for something very cloudy for computing and storage in 2006 or so.

I see this as an unfortunately repeating pattern in our existence, we come up with good ideas, build plans, talk to people with money, who then go fund other folks.
Have something new, and (IMO) profoundly disruptive. Won’t say where/how/what/why or even which market. Funding as much on our own as we can. This is one of the lessons we’ve learned. Open to others, but the dance gets old when you have to expend too much energy to filter the serious from the merely browsing.
Working on growing our partner and customer base. Driving revenue to fund development.
Our next 9 years, I hope we continue to grow on our fast path. Part of this is paying attention to how the market changes, adapting to the changes, and getting ahead of them if possible. Also filtering what changes are important, and which are … well … entropy generators.
I see lots of changes, lots of challenges. I can make mistakes … just not fatal ones.
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