Been working on a GUI … starting to hook the bits together …

The day job is asked for monitoring and admin GUIs for our products. I’ll be the first to admit I am a CLI person these days (having started out a CLI person, then becoming a GUI person, now back to a CLI person).
I understand the desire for this, and some of the rationale behind it. So we’ve been thinking how to provide this as simply and unobtrusively as possible. And leverage/use/reuse our CLI goodness.
So … this is a basic monitoring screen as rendered on a Chrome browser in Linux:

Nothing remotely sexy on there now. Basically this is going to provide a system summary, report on issues, etc. Building it to be extensible, so I spent some time on trying to get the framework sensible, so as to make adding features/functionality easier … not to mention making debugging better. I spent the better part of a day dealing with a buggy jQuery library. Just fixed with an update to latest revision.
We will be integrating the speedometer bits we were showing earlier, and all the other monitoring bits. More to talk about w.r.t. this, but lets get the development done first.