Day job will have a booth at SC11 … Woot!

икони на светциWhats different about this one? Its ours, not space in someone else’s. Gives us more freedom, but also greater responsibility.
One of the harder things to do is to figure out what to bring and show, and what to leave in the lab. Shipping stuff to the floor is expensive, time consuming, and a royal pain in the rear. Leaving it in the lab, and leveraging the network (not the wireless … oh god that was horrible last year) is probably a better option.
Sounds strange … by why ship a rack full of stuff that will sit there and make noise, generate heat, when you can have it do stuff instead?
So we are working out what we are going to show. Need to solidify our planning and emphasize some of our recent product development … not products for products sake, but things that solve real problems.
We’ll have some stuff there. Maybe one of our relampago units … Hopefully some of our partners will join us. We should have some pretty displays, and we should be able to run some nice live benchmarks on the system in the lab. Mebbe even have some webcams pointing to the front and rear to look at the blinkenlights ….
Yeah, lots of thinking to do, lots of planning. Trying to avoid lots of shipping. And maybe get some better shirts this year.

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  1. Joe,
    You might want to consider a 4G wireless stick if the conference network sucks. I have one and I reliably get 5 Mbit+ (sometimes 15) all over Canada and the US. That’s still enough to run a VNC or Remote Desktop and loads for console sessions. It’s not Wireless N but it’s usually solid and reliable.

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