Ever have one of them moments …

… where you look at a technology and think to yourself … I need this.

Just had that looking over MongoDB. I’ve spent the better part of a couple of weeks working on implementing a very poor mans version of this atop SQLite for one of our tools. And along comes MongoDB, and they solve the exact problem I am looking for.

So, we are going to start implementing it on our units.

Damn. Wish I had seen it sooner.

I don’t have a dog in the SQL vs NOSQL wars. I’ve seen Jeff Darcy and others comment on them. We aren’t looking for something at massive scale, but something with a simple feature set which looks like autovivification of structured data. So we don’t have to do some weird ORM thingy (which usually breaks or performance limits) our units.

I guess I am finding it interesting that people are building what amounts to the storage guts of Perl into other projects. At the end of the day, MongoDB is something like a set of persistent hashes, and I don’t need to write SQL to map between a complex data structure and what I am actually storing (the ORM). Which make me happy.


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