Interesting comment from an SSD vendor support person

Color me unimpressed.
You have a “disk” drive, you expect all the trappings of that “disk” drive to work.
Like activity lights.
So you plug this device into a backplane that lights its activity lights from the disk. And it doesn’t work. Speaking with the backplane folks, they get their signals from the disk. Speaking with the disk folks …
Me: The activity light appears to be solid on all the time. Any firmware updates to fix this?
Them: This product wasn’t meant for this use case, so the answer is no.
Yes, that’s right. They are choosing not to support little things. Like blinking LEDs from disks for activity.
Ummm …. Can anyone say …. FAIL ?
Thought so.
Vendor is OCZ, and these are Vertex 3. Have at em. If its a disk, it better damned well look, smell, act like a damned disk, and this means all the signalling lights need to work. Every last one. You don’t get to pick and choose what basic fundamental mandatory features you would like to implement … you implement them all, or you call it a paperweight.
[yeah, I’m kinda pissed at them … seems like a really simple firmware fix should handle this … oversight (yeah, being real damned generous there)]