Is this really a good idea?

ikoniLooks like HP is looking at ditching its PCs.
First off, they are definitely killing off WebOS and the whole Palm business.
Ok … WebOS looked interesting. Now having an Android, and an iPhone (about to be retired, which the Android is replacing), I find it hard to put down the iPhone and get excited about Android. I have a sense of … a less polished integration. Some things don’t work very well in Android. Like when you are texting and you have auto-spelling mode on, some of the options overlay functional/live buttons. Or when you have lots of contacts, and you try to make a call, the phone pauses for 5-10 seconds after the call button was pressed before it shows that it is dialing. Basically Android (2.2 variant) feels less polished than iPhone.
But I wanted to play with WebOS eventually. I used to have a Palm unit. Liked it as my first smart phone. WebOS was intriguing, and everyone I’ve heard use it has said positive things about it. It was on my list of things to look at. Eventually.
I guess that “eventually” is going to become “never” now.
But is it a good idea to walk away from a business like this? It makes up a third of HPs revenue. But its low margin revenue. If they get rid of it, their revenues will drop by 33% or so. But their margins will improve.
The printer business (for many years, I’ve joked that HP is a printer company with a PC/server/network company bolted onto the side) is also under pressure