Interesting comment from an SSD vendor support person

Color me unimpressed. You have a “disk” drive, you expect all the trappings of that “disk” drive to work. Like activity lights. So you plug this device into a backplane that lights its activity lights from the disk. And it doesn’t work. Speaking with the backplane folks, they get their signals from the disk. Speaking […]

Very cool science: broad spectrum anti-viral

I saw this initially on /., and it linked to PLoS. PLoS is a great system BTW, and I’d love to see Physics, Engineering, CS, and other things join in. serves a similar function (rapid publication) though it isn’t peer reviewed prior to publication, while PLoS is. Basically, this anti-viral appears to show excellent […]

then afterburners kicked in …

… sumthin fierce … This could be (the) fastest 4U box on the market for streaming, which doesn’t use RAM for storage. Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=761904MB, aggrb=7455.4MB/s, minb=7634.3MB/s, maxb=7634.3MB/s, mint=102196msec, maxt=102196msec That streaming is more than 8x RAM size. No PCIe flash cards in the unit. None. Zero. Zilch. yeah BABY!!! […]

Setting expectations for SSDs versus Flash

Nomenclature: SSD is a physical device that plugs into an electrical disk slot. Flash is a PCIe card. Both use the same underlying back end storage technology (flash chips of SLC, MLC, and related). I’ve had a while to do some testing with a large number of SSD units in a single device. I can […]

“Evolution” for Microsoft HPC

This is old news at this time, but Microsoft has moved its HPC group into their Cloud groups. I’ve talked in the past about critical business decisions that need to be addressed over time, as a business matures, and a product line is given time to sink or swim. At the end of the day, […]

heh … good one !

“Scientists Trace Heat Wave To Massive Star At Center Of Solar System” See here Viewed 34564 times by 5713 viewers

Not surprised … IBM pulls plug on Blue Waters

I say I am not surprised for their reasoning … not that I had an inkling that they would do this before hand. Basically they pulled the plug because the costs were growing far faster than they planned, and they couldn’t afford to deliver the machine at the requested price. Which makes perfect sense to […]

Ever have one of them moments …

… where you look at a technology and think to yourself … I need this. Just had that looking over MongoDB. I’ve spent the better part of a couple of weeks working on implementing a very poor mans version of this atop SQLite for one of our tools. And along comes MongoDB, and they solve […]

Rethinking RAID for SSDs

SSD units are fast, well, depending upon design, controller and other things. Sandforce units use a compression and overprovision technology to reduce write amplification. SSD units do writes, optimally, in erase block sizes. This suggests that your RAID chunk size should be a multiple of the erase block size. This is a good thing. The […]

OT: and on a happy personal note …

… both my daughter and I were promoted to yon-kyu (green belt) in Isshinryu. Took me longer than I liked, but the specific kata we were learning was complex. Ok, it looks simple, but … it really … really … isn’t. There is great subtlety in it. Mastering this takes a while. The moves took […]