HPCWire readers choice awards: feel free to write in awesome companies/products!

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We don’t do much in manufacturing, so there’s little point to this for us.
In HPC for life sciences, Scalable Informatics JackRabbit is in use at a number of sites as a very high performance storage unit. We don’t do much in automotive either.
We do lots in financial services; with our Scalable Informatics JackRabbit being the best in breed performance for spinning rust systems, and from my understanding, causing some of our friends with pure PCIe Flash or SSD to say WTH!
We haven’t done much recently in Oil and Gas, though with Mark Corcoran coming on as sales director, we do intend to change this.
Our friends at the Computational Research Laboratories Ltd, led by good friend and business partner Dr. Vipin Chaudhary, have been doing a great job in rendering for film. Our Scalable Informatics JackRabbit plays very strongly in the pre/post rendering side.

I can’t say I know what is meant by an “edge” application. Yeah, I know, there are various attempts to segment HPC, but I think there really are two segments as Rich Brueckner and others at InsideHPC report on.
Our friends at the Computational Research Laboratories Ltd, have been working hard on HPC for cloud. As have our friends at Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud.
The best aspect of green HPC, would be very power efficient HPC. Sadly, SiCortex is done. But others have interesting offerings. I’d argue that power utilization per usable processor cycle would be a great metric. Our friends at Calxeda would win this, or it could be a race between Tesla Fermi, Intel MIC, or AMD’s GPUs. You might be able to put Seamicro in this group with Calxeda. I know some would argue Convey as well. Or XtremeData. All of these would make sense. So in this regard, of the list, Tokyo would be the most reasonable.
I have to say, that our Scalable Informatics JackRabbit is one of the best and most versatile tightly coupled server products on the market. I am biased of course.
And along the lines of my bias, I also note that that our Scalable Informatics siCluster is our favorite high performance storage product on the market, a technology built atop our Scalable Informatics JackRabbit and Scalable Informatics DeltaV units.
For a best HPC software product, hands down, Matlab and similar environments are the best. I use Octave myself for much of my simple modeling, since I can’t afford lots of Matlab licenses on personal machines.
I can’t really think of a great visualization technology or product. Seriously.
For interconnect products, Infiniband is still the reigning king. I really like the Arista switches, Chelsio and Solarflare NICs for 10GbE.
In the HPC cluster solution or technology, our friends at Bright Computing have one of the best stacks around. Perceus is good, and a few others are worth spending time with.
For a top supercomputing achievement, honestly, I think the pushing of supercomputing out to the masses using accelerator technologies is the real winner.
I am not sure of the best collaboration between government and industry.
I’d say Scalable Informatics siCluster is a top product to watch. But thats just me.
And along those lines, I’d think that Scalable Informatics (e.g. we are) a company to watch. Just sayin …
And please, don’t hesistate to vote, and vote your conscious. They want to know who you are at the end.свети георги