On the test track with some new relampago device …

and we hit the throttle … crack it open … lets see what this baby can do

Looking at a sustained … well … I dunno … 1.2 million IOPs? Occasional bursts to 2.4M IOPs? At very nearly 10 GB/s?

What does fio say?

  read : io=524416MB, bw=9339.6MB/s, iops=1195.5K, runt= 56150msec


Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=524416MB, aggrb=9339.6MB/s, minb=9563.8MB/s, maxb=9563.8MB/s, mint=56150msec, maxt=56150msec


You may see something like this at SC11. Booth 4101. And might hear about it a bit before that. Yeah. Something like this.

A million IOPs here, a million IOPs there, and soon you are talking real storage.

Oh … this is 8k random reads on 32G of data, no caching. Will give full test command soon. Doing some more testing.

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