And now readers, its time for deep thoughts …

[the guru sits down and starts typing with nonchalance] Complex software stacks lead to complex and often opaque failure modes. [slight bow, stands up, leaves room] ——- Infiniband …. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY … (grumble) Viewed 52467 times by 7138 viewers

… and Sandforce is gobbled up by LSI …

From the register … This is interesting, as LSI appears to be girding for the next gen in storage. Flash (the PCIe variant) and SSD (the disk channel variant) are on the rise, and things that add value in that chain will be quite interesting acquisitions. We work closely with Virident, and it wouldn’t surprise […]

#SC11 countdown and some administrivia

So we are on the long march to #SC11 (we are booth 4101, please do stop by!). Figuring out the final bits of the booth content. Working on presentations. Hoping we will have enough disks for the demos I am working on putting together. Then the fun stuff. The mugs: Doug and I had fun […]

Iris … are you our new overlord?

So I started playing with Iris on my android phone. Not because of Siri envy, but because I heard it was … er … interesting. I started out with the usual … Me: “What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow” Iris: 28 miles per hour Ok, that was interesting. Then I asked a few […]

OT: Minor drama of renting an office

So we have our site at a nice small light industrial site. Good pricing, reasonable location. Been here 3+ years. The landlord is about to lose the property to either the bank due to their missing paying their mortgage, or the state, because they haven’t paid property taxes. Oh, and they haven’t paid water or […]

anti-scaling (1/N) problems

Imagine you have a fixed sized resource. Imagine you can completely consume that resource from 1 client. Now make this two clients, and completely consume the resource. Which is of fixed size. Each client will get 1/2 (on average) of the resource. Now make this four clients, and completely consume the resource. Which is of […]

Design and driver issues exposed under very high loads

Most folks, when they build Fibre Channel systems, aren’t assuming a very high IOP rate. No, really. Each channel of an FC8 connection is about 1GB/s, which with 4k operations (neglecting overheads and other things), would give you about 256k IOPs. To date, most of these units have been connected to spinning disks, which, individually […]

In the run-up to SC11, yeah … I’m busy …

Wow … After getting back from the UK and Sweden, a whole slew of orders came in from several existing and new customers. And booth prep (remember, we are in 4101, stop by and say hello!). And logistics … and support … and box tuning (in house, at customer sites, …) and quoting, and performance […]