Dead on: Redhat grabs Gluster

Readers of this blog will know I’ve been saying this publicly for a while (and no, I had no inside knowledge of this, no knowledge of it whatsoever, no one spoke to me, and I own no shares of any of these companies).
Redhat acquiring Gluster is a good thing.
While AB, Hitesh, and the team have done a bang up job getting the product out, and doing interesting things with it, they needed additional capital resources to take it to the next level. And under Redhat, they will get them.
This is not to say that other solutions are now dead or even dying. I do expect that Ceph will be the main competitor to Gluster going forward (in about a year or so) … and I’d argue that they (Dreamhost) would make one helluva acquisition target (Oracle, Redhat, etc.) . I wouldn’t put Lustre in this same category … the use case and scope for that is mostly different than Gluster. There is overlap, but it works to Gluster’s advantage.
This was a good move, and I’d expect to see Redhat start seriously investing in Gluster, and HekaFS (the renamed CloudFS). Hopefully Jeff Darcy had a hand in this, and hopefully things will continue to evolve faster/better with Gluster.
To the Gluster team, congratulations, Redhat is a good company, and I think you will do well within their fold. To Redhat, this was a very good move (if I do say so myself), and please … please … don’t close down access to Gluster … its a great product, and we use it as the basis for some of our units.
And a reminder, we are in our booth #4101 at SC11 if anyone wants to give out cool Gluster + Redhat swag (hint hint hint) 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dead on: Redhat grabs Gluster”

  1. Hi, Joe. Thanks for the shout-out. I agree with you regarding Ceph as the main “competition” – in quotes because I really see the two as complementary. I do not hesitate to recommend both, and work on both remains ongoing in my group.
    Disclaimer: I’m a Red Hat employee (“associate” in local lingo) and specifically the project lead for HekaFS – a two year old project which is based on GlusterFS. I clearly have a pre-existing interest in this, which is exactly why I found out about it via public sources just like you did.

  2. @Jeff
    I do agree with you on the “competition” in scare quotes. I see them addressing somewhat different aspects of the market, though there is overlap.
    Sad to hear that they treated you like a mushroom on this 🙁 . They could have at least asked for your input. Oh well.

  3. Don’t worry on my account, Joe. I know exactly why I was out of the loop, and fully wanted it that way. I would have been an advocate in a process where objective disinterest should be the norm, vulnerable to both emotional and fiduciary conflicts. They were absolutely right to keep me in the dark; had they tried to do otherwise, I myself would have gotten up and left the room.

  4. Jeff,
    You are wiser and more understanding than me. 🙂 I actually have a situation at work that your reasoning applies to well and I think I’m going to try and learn from your example.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Whilst I think in principle this is good I do worry that Red Hat’s general glacial customer support system & indifference will be applied to gluster and result in users going elsewhere out of frustration… 🙁

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