In the run-up to SC11, yeah … I'm busy …

Wow … After getting back from the UK and Sweden, a whole slew of orders came in from several existing and new customers. And booth prep (remember, we are in 4101, stop by and say hello!). And logistics … and support … and box tuning (in house, at customer sites, …) and quoting, and performance monitoring/analysis for several customers (including one where strace seems to have missed child IO processes …). And working with our lawyer for our friends and family round. And signing up new partners/resellers.
Like you wouldn’t believe.
Postings going to be a bit light until I can get some of this workload done. Doug and Mark are running at capacity, and Sofia is getting burdened as well. Gonna have to hire more soon I think.
As for the company, I did see something where Penguin indicated it was in record territory. Congrats to them. We’ve been in record territory since July, and its getting better by the week. We’ve already blown well past my projection for the year, and are firmly into Terra incognita … hitting on all cylinders, all JATO units, after burners … pick your favorite euphemism.
… which … is why I am insanely busy. Still taking time for the family, Karate, and for tournaments. Won’t give these up. But my time is a zero sum game. Getting far more efficient where I can, and where it matters.

Actually the big thing biting me hard now are quote configurators. I’m in a build vs buy conundrum. If I buy one, it may not work well for our units. We might have to (significantly) alter what we offer to force it to fit a particular model of quote configurator. But writing one means that I have to … write one. Which is time/effort not spent on revenue generation. But at least I know it will work.
Yeah. Crap like that. I’ve looked around at them, and asked to try a few with online demos. Most won’t let me. A few have been bought out by others, who’ve taken them offline. Basically, I’d like to give our reseller partners the ability to configure their own units without our interaction.
In either case I have to code … either web pages and database bits, or develop configurator rules.
Sigh… which reminds me, gotta nudge our lawyer and see where he is on the docs.