One would think I know this by now …

… when you prepare a unit for benchmarking … mebbe … mebbe … its not such a good idea to configure it in … I dunno … super-conservative mode which … er … effectively nukes most of the performance? Mebbe? Maybe normal default config mode … which is pretty much what we should have done […]

A plea for sanity in benchmarking SSDs (and storage)

This is really starting to worry me. I see site after site running similar sets of programs against SSDs, generating the same numbers, within error bars. The problem is that the numbers they generate are meaningless due to several measurement flaws. First: Sandforce controllers compress data. Which means that some data (say simple repeating patterns […]

RIP Steve, and thanks for all the fish

Steve Jobs, a young man of 56, passed away this evening. While not so much in traditional HPC, Apple profoundly changed the way we work with … no … the way we use, and think about using computing technology. He is credited with the vision, though Apple has had and does have many very smart […]

Dead on: Redhat grabs Gluster

Readers of this blog will know I’ve been saying this publicly for a while (and no, I had no inside knowledge of this, no knowledge of it whatsoever, no one spoke to me, and I own no shares of any of these companies). Redhat acquiring Gluster is a good thing. While AB, Hitesh, and the […]