#SC11 countdown and some administrivia

So we are on the long march to #SC11 (we are booth 4101, please do stop by!). Figuring out the final bits of the booth content. Working on presentations. Hoping we will have enough disks for the demos I am working on putting together.
Then the fun stuff.
The mugs: Doug and I had fun with these. Aren’t giving them out to everyone … you have to really cozy up to us for one … and we will have a Keurig coffee/tea maker there so we can fill em.
The presentation machines: Yeah, Doug likes his new Mac Air. I like how light it is. Wish I could bump the ram to 16 GB (hey, I run Google Chrome and Mozilla thunderbird … the new standards in memory hog-ware). Looked at the cost of renting the screens we wanted. So for the same price as purchasing them, we can rent them. Yeah. Exactly the same price. Seriously, WTF? We ain’t made of money (and I am spending entirely too much on this already … don’t ask me about the power side of things …)
The booth furniture: Yeah, again a case of rent for the same price as buying or buying and shipping. We needed some stuff in the office anyway, so we’ll set it up here, ship it, and return it. We are already shipping the siCache device (to be announced and renamed … Logo is awesome, Doug positively rocks!).

Shirts: Last year we were under time pressure. This year … yeah some of this. But I think they’ve been ordered.
Booth babes: Doug and I. Stop your laughing. No. Stop it! Doug, Mark, Todd and I will be in the booth.
Booth demo and remote demo: Still working on it. Hoping to be done in a week or so.
Booth presentations: Still working on it. I didn’t get yelled at over this … but got a stern looking at.
Hotel reservations: Done (I think).
Flights: Done.
SUV rental: Done (gonna need it for some of what we are doing)
Prizes for competition: (mwhahaha!) Probably will pick it up in Seattle. One per day is planned now. Have to see if some of our friends will coordinate with us on any of this.
Possible “portable rack” for booth. Largely for siCache, but not sure if we need it.
PR for show: Need to put them together. SiCache in its final form, and a few other things :). Working hard on trying to close one of these other things by the start of the conference. Can’t say what.
And all this while we debug machines, do benchmarks, generate quotes, work on partner issues, set up new price lists, … worry about finding new office/lab digs in a hurry …
I seriously need to clone myself (and my team). I’m lucky in that I’ve got one of the best teams on the planet. But still, there are a finite number of us, and a finite number of hours in a day.