OT: it really focuses your attention on the important things

[Update below the fold] My wife has this tongue-in-cheek “theory” on balance in the universe. Comes from being a physics geek I guess (yeah, we are a pair). Maybe I’ll tell the “spherical horse” joke some day again, in public. Our opening of 2011 was, well, crappy. And thats an understatement. We lost her father […]

Senses of urgency

We do lots of business with customers who want things yesterday. We do what we can to accommodate, but we do build things in a just-in-time model. Avoids costly inventory, and keeps us nimble. This also means we have to micromanage our suppliers. Many don’t quite understand what a “sense of urgency” means. When we […]

Announcing dust v1.0

Dust has finally …. FINALLY …. been released. We’ve had the driver update packs out there for a while, but finally we’ve released DUST. What is DUST you might say? How about a way to automatically update drivers from source/distributions? But wait … isn’t that just dkms? Sort of. We’ve found … horrific problems … […]

Uptick in requests for software only solution

Some locations are farther than others, and this makes shipping gear pretty expensive. We’ve been asked for a software only version of our stack from the 2 remaining continents we don’t have installs on (ok, 2 of 3 … not to much business in Antarctica right now). I won’t get into the positives/negatives of this […]

#SC11 benchmarketing gone horribly awry

OMFG … we were (and are) continuously inundated with benchmarketing numbers. These numbers purport to represent the system in question. They don’t. We can derive their numbers by multiplying the number of drives by the theoretical best case performance, assuming everything else is perfect. Never mind that it never is perfect. Its that the benchmarketing […]

#SC11 interviews, observations, and thoughts

Yeah, this show had lots of folks talking storage. Obviously we did too. Nicole from Datanami (she had a terrible cold running at the time, I hope she is feeling better), asked me to give a short set of non advertising type interviews. Below is what I did, given no prep, no forwarning, and about […]

#SC11 wrap up, part 1 (short)

Back in Michigan. ?Long flight, quite tired, but back. This was a good show for us. ?A very good show. ?Gave away lots of siMugs, released siFlash, did demos and had discussions. Generally speaking, we had good booth traffic, and many readers of this blog came by to say hello. ?Thank you for that! ?I […]

#SC11 T-1 and counting … Beobash, booth and stuff…

Tonight was/is Beobash. ?First time I stopped drinking the beer, and started buying the beer. ?Was very nice, but we were (collectively and individually) exhausted. ?Snapped a few pics. ?Will try to have them up tomorrow. ?Very nice venue. ?Very good crowd. Booth (#SC11 booth 4101) is up. ?Amazingly, everything seems to be working. ?Even […]

#SC11 T minus 2 days : on the plane … yeah … on the plane

Somewhere over Montana, around Helena. ?Bumpy weather up ahead. ?Finished PR v1 for siFlash, Doug is editing. ?Will get this out tomorrow at a few venues (we’ve promised one specific one will be first). Working on the presentations for the booth. ?siFlash intro, the whole arc with big data, siCluster and our JackRabbit and DeltaV […]