#SC11 T minus 3 days: the $dayjob mailing

Finally got this out the door. There were some issues in doing so … our CRM tool seemed to get brain-freeze. Test emails worked fine. But the real ones? Nah … fuggedaboutit. So here it is, in all its glory. We try our best (really) not to spam. I don’t like it and I know […]

#SC11 T minus 3 days and counting

Ok. Lets call this an absolutely wild ride so far. I mean, its freaking insane. I cannot remember working so hard and so fast. First off Tiburon, our cluster software package (designed mostly for HPC Storage, and cluster like things) has been an insanely awesome trouper. It just works. And I mean that in a […]

Using Makefiles for analysis pipelines

Got a mess-of-data. Whole load of it. Need to analyze it. Again and again and again. Don’t want to cut n paste. Or write too much code. Need to automate plot generation. This reminded me of my thesis many (*cough cough*) years ago. I used a Makefile to automate driving TeX. And image formatting, and […]

Almost forgot … an instant on cluster

We setup a nice Ubuntu cluster for a customer in the financial services world recently. They wanted something that was similar enough to what they knew, and was as close to painless for them to use as possible. Make it like a Ubuntu system. And make it easy to manage. Real easy. The issue was […]