#SC11 T-1 and counting … Beobash, booth and stuff…

Tonight was/is Beobash. ?First time I stopped drinking the beer, and started buying the beer. ?Was very nice, but we were (collectively and individually) exhausted. ?Snapped a few pics. ?Will try to have them up tomorrow. ?Very nice venue. ?Very good crowd.
Booth (#SC11 booth 4101) is up. ?Amazingly, everything seems to be working. ?Even missed shipping a few things (yes, yes we did), and for the most part, was able to fix that. ?Still need a VGA cable for my laptop, but we can live without it if needed. ?Not ?a major issue. ?More of a minor annoyance.
Our rack is up. ?No really. ?Took all of 1 minute to get it going. ?You’ll see if you stop by. ?Will post a picture of it later tomorrow or Wednesday.
Have to fix up our monitoring tools … the GUI broke when I updated Catalyst. ?And I couldn’t recover it. ?Yeah, while I’ve liked Catalyst for a long time, it has moved in a very different direction than I need. ?So I started porting the bits to Mojolicious and our new GUI framework. ?And I have most of the bits working. ?Hopefully will have it all, and then maybe we can take some movies of massive IOP and bandwidth attacks (mwhahaha!).
Exhausted, and the conference wasn’t even started today. ?Sheesh.