#SC11 T minus 2 days : on the plane … yeah … on the plane

Somewhere over Montana, around Helena. ?Bumpy weather up ahead. ?Finished PR v1 for siFlash, Doug is editing. ?Will get this out tomorrow at a few venues (we’ve promised one specific one will be first).
Working on the presentations for the booth. ?siFlash intro, the whole arc with big data, siCluster and our JackRabbit and DeltaV point storage units, and Tiburon. ?And the use cases presentation. ?Didn’t have time to get permission to get company name usage permission (e.g. it can’t be shown/written down), but if you ask us nicely we might tell you … er … industries … and some of how the products are helping the customers. ?In very few cases are we allowed to use customer names. ?Though I think Todd brought a customer (or two)’s demo reel, so it will be somewhat hard to … er … miss … whom they are. ?And you can infer what they do from that. ?And you should ask Todd all about these use cases, they are awesome
Was IMing the wife and daughter while here. ?Yeah … that was fun. ?I was I was IM’ing Doug, whom is sitting next to me. ?Yeah, that’s weird. ?But we do that (IMing when sitting next to each other) in the office as well. ?Go figure. ?Social media take to extremes? ?I dunno …
Really looking forward to the conference. ?Sadly, won’t get to spend any time on the conference side, have to focus upon the exhibitor portion of it. ?Not like the old days (early/mid 90s).
Stop by booth 4101 at #SC11 and say hi to us. ?I’ll be the guy?fidgeting?too much from drinking too much siCoffee in the siMug (mwhahahaha!). ? Swipe your card, speak to our team, and you too can get siCoffee. ?If you get Mark’s interest going enough, we may even give out a few “High Performance Thermal Liquid Storage Devices” …. aka siMug.