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Scalable InformaticsNovember 11, 2011

Storage Solutions

As a high performance big data storage specialist, Scalable Informatics is well positioned to provide your company
with fast, effective, dependable, and cost-effective storage solutions.

We offer fast storage solutions from a few terabytes through many
of petabytes. Our units are currently in use in a organizations as diverse as Financial Services,
Next Generation Sequencing, Medical and Geospatial Imaging, Scientific Computing, Engineering,
well as Post production, Visual effects, Animation, and Rendering.

Compute Solutions

Scalable Informatics goes beyond typical compute clusters and provides
tightly coupled storage systems that combine extremely fast data storage and enormous computing power
available in both single units as well as easily scalable clusters.

Our products are designed to enable your organization to
increase productivity, reduce time to return on investment — for significantly less cost than comparable solutions.

Visit Scalable Informatics at SC11 in Booth 4101

Located on the sixth floor near the top of the escalators, the Scalable Informatics?booth (#4101) will welcome you with a hot cup of coffee and a wealth of information.

Stop by and talk to our staff and learn about the following products:

In addition, inquire about how you can enter to win an iPad 2.

Fast, meet faster: introducing siFlash

Scalable Informatics is known for it’s extremely fast storage and computing systems. JackRabbit
has out-performed the competition in many tests, at end user sites, with real workloads.?Now the JackRabbit finally has some real competition.

Meet siFlash, Scalable Informatics’s newest storage system.

Featuring PCIe-based or SSD based flash storage, siFlash slices through the data bandwidth wall,?and demolishes the IOP barrier reading
and writing with incredible speed. In tests, a reasonably configured siFlash unit has has demonstrated random reads and?writes exceeding 950k IOPs to and from storage using 8k files and a 30% write mixture. Bandwidth bound?problems also benefit from the incredible performance.

Utilizing Virident tachIOn(TM) and MaxFlash(TM)
cards, siFlash has demonstrated a sustained 3+ GB/s on streaming data operations. With the RAID Attached?system, siFlash has demonstrated up to 60k IOPs at over 1 GB/s per unit.

At the higher end of the spectrum, Scalable Informatics has demonstrated?a 7+ GB/s siFlash unit used for NFS, file and web service by a financial services customer.
Other customers?are investigating use of siFlash as metadata servers for various parallel file systems, very fast?NFS and CIFS data storage units, cache for RAID units, and similar extreme performance use cases.

siFlash is available in capacities from 300GB through multiple 10’s of TB per unit. The?siFlash system has multiple block target connectivity options, including 10/40 GbE,?Infiniband, and 8Gb Fibre Channel. In addition, siFlash provides NFS, CIFS support, as well as?GlusterFS, Lustre, FhGFS, OrangeFS, GPFS, and other file storage support, and can do so simultaneously with
the block based support.

You may see siFlash in Scalable Informatics’ booth (#4101), integrated into a JackRabbit high
performance storage unit.

Perfect for financial services institutions, next generation sequencing, scientific and engineering computing,?post production and special effects shops, these units are available immediately.
Please contact us?for information or to arrange a discussion about siFlash, and how it can help you.

Scalable Informatics7954 N Lilley Rd, Canton, MI 48187+1 734.786.8423