Senses of urgency

We do lots of business with customers who want things yesterday. We do what we can to accommodate, but we do build things in a just-in-time model. Avoids costly inventory, and keeps us nimble.

This also means we have to micromanage our suppliers. Many don’t quite understand what a “sense of urgency” means. When we tell them we want something by a specific date, and they ship it a month later …

Or a case we are dealing with now, where we’ve had a long/huge wait from a supplier, who then shipped us something non-working. Something that isn’t easily/readily available in market … no other sources.



Many suppliers simply don’t have a sense of urgency. I really don’t know why not. Wish they did.

While they are shipping non-working crap to us, we sit here with lots of other things that we’ve had to pay for, that we can’t charge our customer for, while they … waste our time.

Yeah, this gets old real fast.

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