Oh no, more code golf!

A new code golfing site. Gaaaak! If I have time to work on such diversions, I’ll post mine under the ID numbercruncher. [update] Played with the starburst code. Have something that works (though they failed to specify their input method, or their output requirement, e.g. newlines, etc.) This is at 135 characters: $l=@a=split//,shift;$i=-1;while($i++< $l){map$x[$_]=" ",0..$l;$i==int$l/2?@x=@a:map$x[$_]=$a[$i],$i,$l/2,$l-$i-1;print ... Read moreOh no, more code golf!

Did you ever realize you were doing something wrong?

In a number of our tools, I’ve written rudimentary command parser hacks using getopt and some creative ARGV processing. And this almost always led to something more complex and harder to develop/maintain. For something else we are looking at, I’ve been exploring “compilers”. Basically, define a grammar to do something, then do it. Keep the … Read moreDid you ever realize you were doing something wrong?

Is Java done?

Latest updates from all distro vendors. Java plugins no longer work on any browsers. Updated from Oracle, or the OpenJDK stack, or … Doesn’t matter. Can’t get it to work anywhere. This is a positive development … right? We can call this “experiment” over? Maybe all the nice folks who’ve been coding their IPMI/iLOM tools … Read moreIs Java done?

partially OT: something I am going to write about soon

Business models and business model changes. Not ours, but a general observation I’ve made. This is oddly important for me (outside of the business) as I’ve been writing some stuff I’ve been thinking of submitting for “publication”, and what “publication” means is rapidly changing. FWIW: this is science fiction stuff. I’m an avid reader of … Read morepartially OT: something I am going to write about soon

Incremental update: an extra 10-15% out of JackRabbit JR4

This is nice. Our JackRabbit JR4 high performance tightly coupled storage and computing unit, 54TB usable (72TB raw). Simple 64GB uncached streaming read/write. Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=65412MB, aggrb=2515.3MB/s, minb=2575.7MB/s, maxb=2575.7MB/s, mint=26006msec, maxt=26006msec Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=65412MB, aggrb=2619.3MB/s, minb=2682.7MB/s, maxb=2682.7MB/s, mint=24974msec, maxt=24974msec Yeah, thats about 10-15% better performance … Read moreIncremental update: an extra 10-15% out of JackRabbit JR4

Finally moving to git

Yeah, its taken a while. I started out many moons ago with tools like rcs/sccs, moved to the great new CVS when it came out. Then when subversion (SVN) came out later on, I happily set up a private instance, and tried learning it. Wasn’t too painful. But SVN doesn’t do collaborative development very well. … Read moreFinally moving to git

positive signs

икони цениAs the year winds to a close … only 16 days left, we’re still quite busy. I am taking this as a net positive. I’ve heard lots of M&A whispers over the last few months, some interesting things going on that I can’t talk about (not involving us). We’ve got lots of potential activity … Read morepositive signs

Dear Joe …

… thanks for being a partner of ours. Unfortunately, the 10x baseline requirement amount of gear that you purchased through other channels doesn’t matter to us, you must purchase the baseline amount by years end (today is 15-December) through one of these very specific (and problematic) channels to remain being a partner. Oh, and there … Read moreDear Joe …