Ahhh … drama … just what I need right now

Way back some time ago, our landlord, whom we were somewhat concerned about due to their financial state (lots of vacant spots here in our complex), had their mortgage called by the bank that took over for the bank they’ve had before, when it went belly up. That new bank called their loan. They didn’t notify us of this until we got the note from the lawyer demanding we pay them rent rather than the landlord.
Checked with our lawyer. Absent a court order (there was none), or a foreclosure (there was none at the time, happened while we were at SC11), they actually could not demand anything from us. They had to demand the landlord turn over the receipts. Its not our problem, and had we not paid the landlord, we would have been in a world of legal trouble, as we would have been in violation of our rent contract.
Now to the drama.
Rather than call us up, and ask us for a rent payment history document, the bank sent a lawyer and a nasty-gram to try to intimidate us.
I don’t intimidate very easily. And since I’ve got the records, the law on our side, yeah, I’m going to be nice to them. Give them a chance to climb off the precipice they find themselves on. If they pursue, we are going to return the favor. And since we have the records, and law, on our side … yeah, not so worried about this.
I think what the bank now has to worry about are a number of things.

First, they’ve lost a customer. We were considering moving our accounts to this bank as they are local, and supposedly a well run organization. Yeah … I don’t think so now. They are no longer a consideration.
Second, we may simply document everything and paste it up for the world to see. Then when people google this bank to see how they behave, you can see it in black and white.
Yeah, I am pissed off. Its never a good idea to open a conversation with me by firing ordinance. I fire back. And I get very aggressive in our defense. Its a losing proposition, there is no upside to doing what they did, only degrees of downside. Giving them the chance to turn off the downside. Its up to them.