Finally moving to git

Yeah, its taken a while. I started out many moons ago with tools like rcs/sccs, moved to the great new CVS when it came out. Then when subversion (SVN) came out later on, I happily set up a private instance, and tried learning it. Wasn’t too painful.
But SVN doesn’t do collaborative development very well. Actually, “not very well” is being kind to SVN. SVK was a perl wrapper around SVN that added some of what we needed. Dabbled with that a bit. Didn’t like it.
Then along came Mercurial (hg). And darn it, I liked it. Some things worked well, some not so well, so I didn’t use them. Around this time, Linux switched to git. I played a little with git, and found it hard (very early days of git) as compared to hg. So I kept using hg.
Well, more and more projects switched to git. The tools got … well … quite a bit less sucky. Actually, they got good. Then very good. Soon I see Perl and other large projects switching as well (not just the kernel). Github is born. …
Yeah, I can see a trend. Some adoption of hg, large motion to git.
Tried it again, and the tools didn’t suck. They were good. Its integrated with my Komodo IDE from ActiveState. Its integrated with other very useful tools we use.
So, slowly and surely, we’ve been migrating. We now have an external repository for our OSS tools. Started adding ifinfo and dust. Will get the rest of them there over the next few weeks. Helps with our workflow. This is good.
Linky is here.

3 thoughts on “Finally moving to git”

  1. Good to see Joe, I moved my personal project over time from its original (inherited) CVS to SVN and then to git and I’m very happy I’ve done so.
    One question – the gitweb interface doesn’t show the clone URL’s for your repositories, is that intentional?

  2. @Chris
    Not intentional. Still learning the gitweb tool. Will fix this one I see how to tweak the settings.

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