Incremental update: an extra 10-15% out of JackRabbit JR4

This is nice. Our JackRabbit JR4 high performance tightly coupled storage and computing unit, 54TB usable (72TB raw). Simple 64GB uncached streaming read/write.

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=65412MB, aggrb=2515.3MB/s, minb=2575.7MB/s, maxb=2575.7MB/s, mint=26006msec, maxt=26006msec
Run status group 0 (all jobs):
  WRITE: io=65412MB, aggrb=2619.3MB/s, minb=2682.7MB/s, maxb=2682.7MB/s, mint=24974msec, maxt=24974msec

Yeah, thats about 10-15% better performance (newer driver, updated/tuned kernel, …)
FWIW: some of our competitors have trouble sustaining this performance out of their storage clusters with double to quadruple the number of drives, RAIDs, etc. Performance matters, and performance density is growing to be as crucial as physical storage density as the size of that storage bandwidth wall skyrockets.
[update] to answer the questions I received in email … these are spinning rust (standard disks). 7200 RPM. Enterprise SATA. No SSD or Flash (apart from OS). No SAS. Total read/written was significantly greater than RAM. Single thread reading and writing.

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