Semi OT: New laptop is in

Have Linux loaded. And windows 7 pro (actually upgraded from the windows 7 home they had).
Ok …
I like it. It is very fast. About as heavy (maybe a little more so than the Dell). Keyboard is a chicklet style. I’m ok with this, Dell had a more standard type of keyboard. I can touch type on this without problem. If anything, I like it a little better.
Graphics are awesome. Obviously more oompf here.
More ram is great. Simplified my disk layout too.
Yeah. Its nice.
What I don’t like?
Gnome 3 shell. If I want a Mac, I am going to buy a Mac. Even with the shell extensions, yeah, it kind of sucks.
Gnome 2 was (and is) fine for me. Gnome 3 doesn’t simply have a learning curve to deal with, it has an attitude, a philosophy, and an operational concept that the attitude defends, which doesn’t quite mesh well with what I want.
I put Linux Mint 12 on there. Played with 11, thought I would like 12. I don’t. Ubuntu has drunk from a similar well with its Unity interface. I am guessing Fedora has as well (FC14 and 15 were trending down that path).
Linux desktop has gone from a powerful and configurable tool to … something … else. Great for tablets maybe. Not so great for power users? Its not the learning curve, I can adapt. Its the loss of functionality, our way or the highway approach. Can’t say I like that so much. This is the first time in a very long time that I can say that I think the windows experience might be better on the system than the Linux experience. Just because of the crappy desktop.
Rethinking lots of this, will see if I can go to an Icewm or similar desktop. Its not change that I fear. Its loss of utility. Gnome 3 has lost huge amounts of utility.

4 thoughts on “Semi OT: New laptop is in”

  1. Give XFCE/Xubuntu a try, I prefer it over the others because it’s minimum, simple, and fast.

  2. I’m still on Natty with gnome2 fallback for that this exact reason. I gave both Unity and Gnome3 a try and couldn’t stand either of them. Linus went over to XFCE though he expressed that he wasn’t as happy with it as with Gnome2 (nor would I be).
    There is a project to continue maintaining the gnome2 code called mate. Not sure if it will survive, but it’s worth watching.

  3. Another possibility would be LXDE (lubuntu), it’s claimed to have lower memory usage than XFCE (not that you may care about that).
    Of course there’s also KDE too, I tend to like Kubuntu on my systems (asides from my ancient laptop, which runs Arch Linux with LXDE, Firefox and Thunderbird in 512MB of RAM without hitting swap – well for a little but anyway!).

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