Update on the lawyer-bomb across our bow

Yeah, with all what we have going on, the last thing we need is a clueless company firing a lawyer-bomb across our bow. Remember that life isn’t fair, no time is ever a good time, and sh!t happens.
It seems that the whole purpose of their … er … communication … was to try to get us to buy the property rather than taking us to court for rent that is not due them. That is, effectively compel us to buy property we don’t want. Their lawyer indicated to our lawyer that this has been successful with another tenant.
I will not put in writing what I think of this.
I think they thought I would simply cave in the face of an aggressive lawyer.
Hell fraking no. I don’t scare easily.
There’s little risk of downside to fighting them … facts, statute, and case law are apparently on our side. We’ve suggested several times that they reconsider their merit-less case before it ever sees the interior of a courtroom, as its only going to cost them money, bad press, etc.

This one is a lower intensity glide path. This bank has rather permanently lost a customer, and I will be advising other businesses to avoid them based upon my experiences.
Imagine if you have a legal and binding contract, and a third party tries a man-in-the-middle attack on this contract. They offer no valid reason why you should redirect your payment packets to them. Had they actually done so, using the correct mechanisms … like … I dunno … an official letter that indicated the landlord party was in -EDEFAULT state, then, yeah, we could have activated that aspect of contract API, which would allow for payment packets to be directed to the bank. But they sort of forgot to activate that. They are legally required to do so if they expect the MITM attack to work. So we aren’t even sure that the original landlord was in the -EDEFAULT state.
Whoops. And yes, we did point out that they forgot to do that. They didn’t like that. Not one bit.
I am adding up all my time to the bill we will give them. They aren’t going to like this. Not one bit.
But they’ve chosen to waste my time and my resources. So they get to pay for this use.
Even today, apart from their lawyer-bombs, we don’t quite know who owns the building, whom we should pay rent to, etc. So as of November, we are depositing this into an internal account until we get a legal and correct indication that we should not be paying our original landlord. You see, the bank has STILL forgotten to serve us a notice of landlord default. Which means our contract with the landlord is still in force.
Some MITM attacks can get pretty fierce.
Yeah, so we are paying into the internal account until we can figure it out. And we are going to add all this extra time, expense, effort to our bill.