back from the UK, and a good reason to drink Guinness

I enjoyed my trip. Well, not the part of being away from my family, but there is much to see/experience in London. A curious difference between London and the UK in general and the US is the apparent lack of public restrooms (or WC’s if I have the right localization). Especially in a crowded space […]

Check one item off my bucket list

Spent the early afternoon at Westminster Abbey. Saw the tomb/memorials of Sir Issac Newton (all of physics), James Clerk-Maxwell (electromagnetic theory), Faraday (magnetism), and PAM Dirac (quantum theory). A shame they didn’t have anything for Turing (or if I missed it, lemme know and I’ll go back). Also saw memorials and tombs for Shakespeare (he’s […]

The blame game

This isn’t what you might think from the title. Its an observation. I hope I don’t misstate what I intend to say, so feel free to chime in if you don’t agree with the wording. When you have a situation where a customer has a set of vendors, and a problem that needs resolution, the […]

Working on solving a problem for the day job

Long ago, I concluded that the day job was not a bank or credit granting institution. We aren’t equity financed at this time, have no finance arm/division with capital backing to provide large credit for customers to purchase with. And we have customers. Lots of them. Many/most asking for credit terms. But we can’t really […]

Highest sustained spinning rust write speed to date on a box

Yeah … the day job hardware. Current generation. Single box. Single thread. Single file system. Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=130692MB, aggrb=4702.9MB/s, minb=4815.8MB/s, maxb=4815.8MB/s, mint=27790msec, maxt=27790msec File size is several times RAM size.Икони на светци Viewed 50127 times by 8323 viewers

Growth at day job last year: 60%-ish

Considering the economy, the hard drive manufacturing issues in Thailand, etc. Yeah, this is pretty awesome. Gonna have a big tax bill. And yes, I am gonna grumble that the money would be better spent on ~3 new employees who would generate real economic activity, rather than sending it to the government to waste. Such […]

Busy … as usual

I’ve been readying a UPS ripping post (not the function, but the company). May backburner that for now. But been really REALLY busy. This is very good, in all aspects. Have lots of opportunities, many quotes out, some telegraphed orders (we know they are coming, we’ve been told, working its way through the systems), … […]