Check one item off my bucket list

Spent the early afternoon at Westminster Abbey. Saw the tomb/memorials of Sir Issac Newton (all of physics), James Clerk-Maxwell (electromagnetic theory), Faraday (magnetism), and PAM Dirac (quantum theory). A shame they didn’t have anything for Turing (or if I missed it, lemme know and I’ll go back).
Also saw memorials and tombs for Shakespeare (he’s buried at Stratford on Avon I think), Chaucer, Jane Austen, Keats, Shelley, …
Very nice place, highly recommend it.
Visit Sir Issac’s tomb (in person): Check.
See the other ones mentioned: Bonus points!
(FWIW: this is my fourth time in London, and I haven’t had the chance to get there until now)
Will put some pictures here soon.

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  1. Turing was cremated. There are statues and memorials in his honor (see the Wikipedia entry) but apparently no tomb or preserved urn in a cabinet (see

  2. There is a lovely statue of Turing in the Bletchley Park National Codes Centre near Milton Keynes. Well worth a visit – when I was there they had a reconstruction of a bombe[1] running! Just missed seeing the Colossus rebuild running though. 🙁
    [1] – bombe’s were used as part of the process of breaking Enigma, whereas Colossus was used for breaking Tunny, IIRC.

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