"Irrevocable worldwide…"

ХудожникEvery now and then we get customers asking us to perform only services under contract. They send us what they think their T&C ought to be.
Yeah …
I especially like the lines the relieve us of our IP, our rights to collect royalties, our rights to what we develop, …
Ok, maybe not so much.
I have to admit, when I see this, my first reaction is to start laughing. Someone wants IP ownership from us, it ain’t gonna come cheap. And our support rates, are definitely not expensive.
Basically, if you want our IP, either buy us, or pay for the IP. Neither which will be inexpensive.Художник

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  1. I’m going through this right now. Have they tried to put something in there that says anything you incrementally develop on your own platform(s) while working on their contract is owned by them too?

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