Thought I was going nuts …

Ran into this earlier in the week and thought it strange.
Centos 6.2, brand new installation on a box that has had Centos 5.7 installed. Set of our newer RAID cards, 10GbE, and IB cards. This is our in-lab JackRabbit JR5 machine (happily still the fastest single spinning rust machine you can get in market).
As soon as I start the PXE load …
Kernel doesn’t panic, it just gets stuck.
I solved this earlier in the week, in a different box by

  • pulling the RAID cards
  • installing the OS
  • updating to our kernel
  • re-installing the RAID cards

yeah … without the kernel update, it would crash (not panic, but actually remain in a frozen state) until I got our kernel in there.
Older RAIDs, no problem, just wouldn’t work till the new driver was installed. Newer RAIDs? Yeah, kernel hard crash on install/OS load w/o the driver.
This will go over well …

Me: "Yes Mr/Ms customer, you need to pull your RAID cards to update your OS."
Them: Grrrrrrrrrr

[starts banging head against wall]

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  1. 1882’s. Just confirmed that without with or without the driver update, the updated kernel also crashes. With our kernel, it works fine.

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