Tiburon extensions

Basically, I can boot quite a few Linux systems completely stateless. I like this. Makes setting up clusters drop-dead simple. Makes setting up/testing hardware similarly simple.
Where I am going with this:
I’ve been playing with Solaris 11, and to a lesser extent, the Illumian distros for Solaris. So far, I like what I see in Solaris 11, and I like the Debian-ed version of Solaris in the Illumian distro. For the former, I want to see if we can formally offer this on our gear. There are support and licensing issues to deal with, and we think they are surmountable. Illumian won’t have the support organization behind it that Solaris does, but thats fine.
Either way, we want to add these into Tiburon support.
And Windows. We get occasional interest in Windows machines (under 5% of our yearly units shipped, but still …). People are using it for a number of use cases, and it would be really nice to be able to support Windows this way as well.
So I am looking into it. The cleanup should actually make this easier for us to support. Will see over the next few weeks.
Maybe even Free/Net BSD. And others. Hackintosh in a VM 🙂