Python … grrrr

Hacking up some python classes and object bits for a project. Honestly, this would be soooooo much easier in Perl, but for a number of reasons, the person started it in Python. So we are trying to contribute. And I am running into some of the more joyous elements of python. Such as completely inane […]

Ahhh … IPsec … How I loath thee …

Ok, maybe not the spec so much. Maybe just the client codes. Working on setting up an IPsec tunnel. The only IPsec implementation that I’ve tried on the client side that actually seems to work (e.g. get to a point where I can debug it) is Apple’s. Haven’t tried the Cisco yet, we don’t have […]

Epic failure: Apple security mismatches

Was trying to install an app on Saturday. Up popped a request for more information, including a second attempt at getting my password, and then 3 “security” questions, including “What city was I first kissed in.” Um. Ok. That is an EPIC FAIL in and of itself, but lets go on to the real … […]

The TB sprint updated …

Previous results here. 12.4TB/hour. A new JackRabbit unit with some updates. New results: 1TB written in 228.2 seconds. 15.8TB/hour writes Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=1024.6GB, aggrb=4597.1MB/s, minb=4597.1MB/s, maxb=4597.1MB/s, mint=228167msec, maxt=228167msec and for the reads … Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=1024.6GB, aggrb=5341.9MB/s, minb=5341.9MB/s, maxb=5341.9MB/s, mint=196392msec, maxt=196392msec This is 18.3TB/hour reads. […]

PHD comics … the movie

See info here. The trailer looked great. Was reminded of one of my first problems at school. No, I meant issue … my first issues in a research group 🙂 Viewed 44285 times by 5835 viewers

Oh joy …

Pretty good probability I’ll be needing to go to London this weekend to fix a problem caused by a somewhat overzealous local support org. See the motherboard post from a few days ago. Turns out they damaged the replacement they put in. I like London. I don’t like having to do this though. Viewed 37279 […]

Update on our lawyergram

A few months ago, the bank which had foreclosed on our now former landlord executed what could be called a legal pressure manuever. They wanted us to buy the space we are renting. They threatened to sue us for back rent. Our lawyer skillfully deflected this, pointing out their several failures in the process. They […]

The danger in modifying precision built and tuned machines …

… is that they won’t be precision tuned after you are done with them. And worse, much of this is self-inflicted in various cases. We try to ship absolutely peak performance machines. Tuned as much as possible, though in some cases, customers make requests that go against high performance. We try to explain the issues, […]