Ahhh … IPsec … How I loath thee …

Ok, maybe not the spec so much. Maybe just the client codes.
Working on setting up an IPsec tunnel. The only IPsec implementation that I’ve tried on the client side that actually seems to work (e.g. get to a point where I can debug it) is Apple’s.
Haven’t tried the Cisco yet, we don’t have a support contract with them, so we can’t download it and test it. Since we are setting this up for a customer who does, either we’ll VPN into their site and set it up, or work something out.
But … yeah … IPsec is pretty darned annoying. pfSense firewall, makes setting up the IPsec pretty straightforward. Most of the guides I’ve seen for it relative to pfSense are simple, straight forward, and don’t work when we try them.
Meanwhile, I had PPTP up in a few minutes, and we are setting up OpenVPN as well. Can’t imagine these folks wanting to use PPTP. OpenVPN possibly. Might need to sell them on it.
[update] I should note that I find it sad that Linux’s IPsec implementation is one of them that appears to suck (I think its built atop StrongSwan). Windows 7 professional has no IPsec built in as far as I can tell.
Mebbe I need a Mac?