hadn't seen this before … spot on though …

About the job prospects for your future, when you make the career and training choice to be a scientist. Or “If I knew then what I know now, I would have followed a different path”.
I spent some time visiting my parents recently, and I groused to them that after ~7 years in grad school, I was, ostensibly, a PC technician. Yeah, I am running a profitable and growing company, making some of the fastest storage available. But the career path I took had me detouring through multiple physics departments before I embarked on it in earnest.
The linked post is more than 12 years old. But it is as right today as it ever was in the past, during my time in grad school. I remember when the NSF was touting the so-called scientist shortage. I remember thinking “hey, I can do something I want, and get paid for it … cool!”.
Naive past-history-me. That was solely to perpetuate the Myth, and keep the supply of cheap labor (e.g. grad students and postdocs) high. Which kept prices low.
Funny how that thar economy thingy works.

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