Is LinkedIn just Usenet with a pretty face?

I am starting to think so. Had a little discussion with someone I thought would be professional, who made some interesting claims, and didn’t quite like it when challenged.
And it devolved from there.
I guess it is funny to see someone try to explain stuff to me, who doesn’t quite know my background, or experience, or …
I’ve heard from others who believe that LinkedIn is as complete a waste of time as Facebook. I am starting to come closer to their viewpoint.
[epilog] I guess I am amused to see people claim I’ve never accelerated systems before in my life. First system I ever accelerated with an IBM PC, replacing the 8086 or 8088 processor with a V20. And bumping up the clock frequency. This was like 1984/1985 or so, and it involved a soldering iron for the crystal, among other things.
That was the first. Wasn’t the last. Sad that someone would posture like this though.

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  1. @Jason
    I was in college then … I couldn’t spend time on flightsim. One of my friends did that more than his studies, and they suffered badly.

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