Mebbe there is a reason that I am in "fly over" country …

So here I am, toiling in the salt mines (just don’t tell my wife its not really that bad), trying to eek out a living selling, servicing, and supporting some insanely fast storage kit to a range of customers, when I hear that Instagram had sold for $1B.
My first thought.
What the 4K (phonetic, just don’t say it out loud) is Instagram? And what did it do that made it worth $1B?
Must be curing cancer, while feeding the poor, and bringing world peace …
… or …
… not …
Ok, here it is.
Instagram lets you share modified pictures easily. And they charge you nothing.
Thats basically it. No revenue. No profit. No hope. Apart from …
Seriously? I mean … SERIOUSLY WTF?

I must be missing something in that thar whole biz-niz thingy. Our profits and revenue are INFINITELY HIGHER than theirs. Yet somehow, I have a sense I am doing *it* (that thar biz-niz thingy) wrong.
Its sort of like, as a physics type, if we found a material with a density higher than air that “floated”. Your brain would get all screwy over all the laws of nature that have to be modified to make this work.
And yet this revenue-less, profit-less company, with very little likelihood of a future, sold itself for a big stinking pile of cash.
Words … fail … me. Mebbe this is why I am in “fly over” country … cause they fail me.
No … I haven’t lost the fact that this could make facebook wall photos funny. But since I may be the last remaining human without a facebook account, its of little interest to me.

4 thoughts on “Mebbe there is a reason that I am in "fly over" country …”

  1. @Deepak
    Buh but … 30M users with zero profit/revenue …
    Yeah, I missed that part of the whole biz-niz thingy. 🙁
    I hope not … Its possible that Mark Z simply wanted a good mobile apps team. Most mobile apps are shockingly bad.
    I’m still blown away by the amount for a revenueless company. Then again, Zynga went public at $1B valuation? And Facebook will be worth more than California? Or something?

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