Way way back …

… when I was at SGI … oh … 16 years ago or so, someone, for some reason sent me an email where they made some specious claims. I calmly pointed out to them where I caught their error, what the error was, and how they could fix it. They then proceeded to attack me […]

Is LinkedIn just Usenet with a pretty face?

I am starting to think so. Had a little discussion with someone I thought would be professional, who made some interesting claims, and didn’t quite like it when challenged. And it devolved from there. I guess it is funny to see someone try to explain stuff to me, who doesn’t quite know my background, or […]

OT: Annoying spammers

Some idiots have taken our companies phone number, inserted it into their caller-id bits (seemingly with SIP phones), and have been harassing people. So we get frustrated people calling us, asking us if we called them. No we didn’t. I hate phone marketeers as much as everyone. This is really annoying. Can’t see any rational […]

sad/exciting time ahead

One of our customers has become fed up with the issues they’ve run into on Gluster. Started about a year ago, with some odd outages in the 3.0.x system, and didn’t improve with 3.2.x … in some instances it got worse. RDMA support in 3.0.x was pretty good, there were other bugs (which were annoying). […]

High performance firewall … with a nice 10GbE port

Have a customer with a hard problem. They need to handle very high data rate traffic, VPNs, and all manner of things. Imagine a GbE in (or more). They asked us to build a firewall that could handle this. Most of the appliance firewalls have some capability, but few will really survive a serious traffic […]

SRP joy

ok, not really. Late last night, while benchmarking some alternative mechanisms to connect {MD,OS}S to their respective {MD,OS}T for a Lustre design we are proposing for an RFP, I decided to revisit SRP. I liked SRP in the past, it was a simple protocol, SCSI over RDMA. How could you go wrong with this? Well, […]

hadn’t seen this before … spot on though …

About the job prospects for your future, when you make the career and training choice to be a scientist. Or “If I knew then what I know now, I would have followed a different path”. I spent some time visiting my parents recently, and I groused to them that after ~7 years in grad school, […]

Taking siFlash-SSD out for a spin, and cracking the throttle …

… half open. [update] video [FLOWPLAYER=http://scalability.org/wp-content/videos/screencast_video.flv,480,315] I won’t show the fio output until I get the unit back and get some more testing in. Also, I’ve discovered something … I guess … depressing about fio, in that what it reports for performance isn’t necessarily what the storage subsystem sees. This isn’t just fio, its pretty […]

HPC Linux on Wall Street was fun

Spoke to lots of interesting people. Ran some benchmarks. Will talk about those next post. Found hits on the corporate site from a Yahoo stock board. Ok, that was interesting. Had a number of great conversations … before, during, and after the show. I am still in NY, working on a siCluster at a data […]