Update on our lawyergram

A few months ago, the bank which had foreclosed on our now former landlord executed what could be called a legal pressure manuever. They wanted us to buy the space we are renting. They threatened to sue us for back rent.
Our lawyer skillfully deflected this, pointing out their several failures in the process. They finally admitted they were seeking to pressure us to buy it.
Go figure.
So we are about to move to a larger spot. Have offers out on 3. In negotiations with 2. Hopefully will get everything squared away by the end of next week. Then we move.
So now I want to get our deposit back from our old landlord.
Yeah … they deny knowing we had a lease. Though they were happy to cash our checks.
They played this one well. It would cost us more to go after them than the value of the deposit. They are thieves. Asked my lawyer to look into filing a complaint with the criminal folks (well more than $1k), and I might take them to small claims court and get a lien against them or something. But thats about all I can do.
No knobs with these folks. They don’t have our hardware, we can’t withhold service until they pay. Seems the bank had similar problems with them.
Theft they can get away with. Not pleased. I don’t have time for small claims court. Its not worth $10k to file a civil case (money is less than that).